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A/B/O drabble for [livejournal.com profile] candy_belle that kind of turned into a fic when I wasn't paying attention. Sorry, not sorry, lol. Enjoy ;)


Ok, this...this turned out waaayyyy dirtier than I originally planned and still not as dirty as I hoped, damn it...look, I can't be held responsible for my actions, alright? I just. It's not my fault, lets be clear about this, yes? Ok, good.

Alpha!Jonny/omega!Pat, with the rest of the core Pack very much in evidence. Not set in the Wolves of Chicago 'verse because Pat's not an omega in that verse and I just couldn't do this to poor little Tuevo his first time up (although, I do have this idea where he heats and it's, like, fuck-or-die, and he doesn't have a mate yet, so basically, Shawzy and Crow help him through it. Because that's buddies, yeah? Anyways...) Also, I kind of glanced at the prompts really fast and mixed this one up with the Peterick one. Sorry!


"Jonny, you need to get upstairs," Sharpy hissed over the phone.

"I'm in the middle -"

"Get your ass upstairs now," Sharpy interrupted, a snarl just under his voice.

Jonny growled back, the sound deeper and more menacing than his second's; in the back of his mind he felt his wolf's surprise intertwine with his own. Sharpy was playful, and he loved to pull pranks and joke around, but outright hostility, especially toward his Alpha, was unheard of. He was always calm and unruffled, a wolf Jonny had been proud and grateful to have at his back as his second.

"Shit, Jonny, I'm sorry," with what seemed like an extreme effort, he lowered his voice and softened his tone enough to convey Jonny's dominance to him. "You need to come back to the room, please? It's -"

There was a slight scuffle and then the sound of Duncs snarling, "I told you to get away from here," followed by a growl Jonny didn't recognize -which alone was enough to make his wolf bristle- followed by one he did know: Seabs' deep warning growl that you could feel in your bones, the one that proved beyond a doubt that Brent Seabrook was one of the best enforcers around, in both his skins. Jonny had seen strange Alphas turn tail at that noise.

Jonny roared, his eyes flashed red as he tore through the lobby and up the stairs to the floor the Pack was on; his eyes were red and he could feel his claws scraping against his skin.

It was fairly early, but the few people that were out scattered as soon as they realized who -or what- was running through the hotel.

As soon as he got to their floor, he ran into a wall of scent that made him stumble; omega, his wolf howled.

The scent of omega in heat was wrapped around one Jonny would recognize if he was suddenly rendered scent-blind; ice and watermelons, the tang of fresh steel.

That was. That was Pat's scent.

Mine, his wolve snarled and it translated over into a deep, threatening rumble that had every wolf in the hallway -Duncs, Seabs, Sharpy and two strangers- instinctively freeze.

Sharpy and Duncs both pulled away with smirks, their head's tilted to show their necks to the enraged Alpha.

Seabs snarled again, low and threatening, before he punched one of the strange wolves hard enough to knock him out and then turned towards the other with a warning snarl.

The strange wolf glanced over his shoulder at Jonny again before he tucked his shoulders down and whined, tipped his head forward to show Seabs the back of his neck.

Seabs bared his teeth, and stepped forward until Jonny growled and then he stopped to let Jonny go up to him, but he kept himself ready to spring forward if he had to.

Seabs had been protecting Jonny since they were cubs, making sure Jonny was as safe as he could be had become something beyond even instinctive for him at this point.

"Get out," Jonny ordered, his power flaring. The words were felt more than heard and even his own wolves flinched. "Leave."

"This isn't your territory- " the wolf managed to stammer out before Jonny roared again and it was echoed by more than one growl.

He didn't bother finishing the sentence before he half ran, half crawled away, his fear making the scent of gasoline mix with the still over powering scent of omega in the middle of heat -of Pat.

Both Seabs and Duncs followed his retreat with their eyes, neither one of them willing to trust their Pack's safety to chance. Once he was out of sight, they turned toward Jonny who was visibly trying to reign himself in.

"Sharpy, stay on the door; Seabs, you take Duncs- "

"No," Seabs interrupted; he tilted his head when Jonny narrowed his eyes but went on, "I'm not leaving you and Pat unprotected like that- Sharpy's good, but he's not a fighter. Either me or Duncs are staying here."

Jonny took a deep breath and nodded; he knew he was starting to get irrational and soon he would be snapping at everyone. "OK. Whatever you guys- I trust you to sort it out, Sharpy. And just -talk to Q and the rest of the guys, make sure they know-"

"I've got it, Jonny," Sharpy promised with a smile; he inclined his head towards the hotel room and Jonny nodded again before he opened the door and slipped inside.

The sticky-wet smell that seemed so much in evidence in the hallway had saturated the room, making Jonny hard almost immediately.

"Pat," Jonny said, his voice not quite even; he held himself still even as his wolf was urging him on, growling softly until he could feel it vibrating his throat. "I need you to talk to me."

The sheet on the bed rustled as Pat sat up; he moved restlessly, not quite sitting still, and when a burst of sticky-wet-heat hit his nose he realized Patrick was deep enough in his heat that he was starting to leak every where, slick getting all over his clothes and the bed.

"Jonny?" Pat said, the word slightly slurred; his eyes were hazy, unable to focus on Jonny with any kind of accuracy. When he licked his lips Jonny took an involuntary step forward before he stilled. "My suppressants, they didn't... I don't know what happened."

He inhaled and then his voice dropped as he wriggled around onto his stomach and tilted his ass up. "Alpha. Jonny. Please, I need you. Please."

Jonny couldn't stop the possessive rumble that spilled out of his throat, but he managed to get out, "Are you- do you want me to leave? We weren't supposed to until later, after the season, so I won't be mad if you want to wait-"

"No," Pat whined and Jonny could see his fists clutching the sheet and turning white. "It was always going to be you, wanted you to for so long, Alpha."

Jonny surged forward, stripping off his clothes, and dropped down next to Pat.

"Mine, Pat. You're mine."

Pat didn't bother saying anything else.

Date: 2014-04-24 02:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] candy-belle.livejournal.com
omg omg omg omg!! this was so much more than I hoped for and it was brilliant!! Love the core pack *snuggles them all* oohhh seabs getting all growly...yes please!!! and Sharpy being all perfect 3rd and Jonny...damn it he is one scary alpha!! love this

Date: 2014-04-24 02:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] darkangel-0410.livejournal.com
Thanks, hun :) Yeah, in my mind, Seabs and Jonny came from the same Pack originally (Seabs' dad guarded Jonny's mom, who's Alpha) and they've been friends since they were cubs -when a four year old Seabs' took a toddling Jonny's safety very seriously. When Jonny left to play hockey, Seabs, ofcourse, went with him, and they have literally not spent more than a handful of days apart since. Everything else happened about the same as in canon, tho. And of course Sharpy is Jonny's second, there's no one else Jonny would have do it, let's be real. And Duncs...Duncs has to be an enforcer with Seabs, on and off the ice, they belong with each other.

(Don't worry, Mutt and Crow both come along eventually, lol)

Date: 2014-04-25 02:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] candy-belle.livejournal.com
oh i love that headcanon for those two and yes it fits perfectly *pets Seabs* love that Duncs jsut follows him whereever :D sharpy is the best 2nd anyone could ever ask for *pets him*

yey!!! Mutt & crow are going to be here as well *snuggles them both* can't wait to read more in this.

and p.s. the mention at the top about Crow & Mutt being good packmates and helping the new omega out...what do i have to do to read that?!! I'll do anything!!!

Date: 2014-04-25 03:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] darkangel-0410.livejournal.com
I pretty much think that Duncs would follow Seabs to hell if he had to, honestly. Sharpy is just generally awesome, let's be real, lol.

Yup, they'll get there eventually- they get called up from Rockford, same as in canon. But first, Q and the other people in the Blackhawks organization want them to meet with Jonny's Pack and make sure they get along. Sidenote: thinking about making Mutt an omega in this one -yay/nay?

Ummmm, I don't know? It's mostly only half thought out. But...picspams are always good, lol.

Date: 2014-04-25 03:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] candy-belle.livejournal.com
oh hell yes, duncs and seabs are inseperable!!! sharpy really is *snuggles him*

oohhh that sounds interesting and yeah i think mutt could be an omega - a strong omega not a wussyone but i can def see him rolling over and being the lowest of the pack - as long as the pack are nice to omegas? no being mean or hurting/using them?

i'll see what i can russle up

Date: 2014-04-25 03:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] darkangel-0410.livejournal.com
Um, you do know me, yes? Can you see me being mean to omegas? And, yeah, Shawzy would still be a brawler -even more so, because Alphas and the like keep trying to get him to back down/submit and he just won't do it. He's only submitted to one Alpha besides his dad in his whole life and Jonny has no interest in making Shawzy "behave" on or off ice.

Date: 2014-04-25 03:44 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] candy-belle.livejournal.com
that cool just wanted to check in that case yes!!! make him a feisty scrapy little omega who adores his alpha and wont back down from anyone - would be awesome to read


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