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Got my Blackhawks shirt in the mail yesterday. So I guess hockey is a thing I'm actually doing now.


To celebrate -although, honestly, I did not need another fandom, wtf self- comment with a pairing from one of my other fandoms and I'll drabble a hockey!au of them. Or comment with one of my hockey pairings and I'll just write a regular drabble.


Or do whatever, it's pretty obvious I've lost all control of myself.

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My susceptibility to new fandoms is long and documented (as is my inability to let go of any of them, but that's a post for a different day), so it's probably not surprising that I, yet again, accidentally stumbled into another one last week...


...sometimes to win, you've got to sin... )

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So, I went and signed up for bandombigbang... Fingers x'd that this ends well.

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Ok, so about a week ago
[livejournal.com profile] candy_belle left me prompt for "Peterick, angry sex" which, apparently, my brain decided meant a crossover with The Fast and The Furious (specifically the first movie). I don't even know any more guys, seriously.


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I took an unscheduled nap earlier and I had this weird dream where I was at the FOB concert and they covered "You Shook Me All Night Long" and Patrick was like a sex God, and he sounded filthy during the whole thing. At one point, Pete slid to his knees in front of Patrick and pressed his forehead against Patrick's crotch and Patrick grabbed his hair and yanked it back and Pete was all, "fuck yeah, I am so game for this" and Patrick just gave this dirty grin and it was fucken unreal. Jesus fuck, brain- are you trying to kill me or something?


Anyways, have a video from the FOB concert last night: The end of "What A Catch, Donnie" and "20 Dollar Nosebleed", now with bonus Brendon Urie:



Brendon, you adorable, hyperactive little bastard. I can't wait to see this.

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Someone else on my flist posted this, but I had to repost it for the lolz: Things To Never Use As Lube. I agree with all of them except for the saliva because I've used it as lube before and let me assure you that it, 1. Works and 2. Is enjoyable.

Don't know if this is bad or not, but I've read fic with at least 90% of that list in it. Not gravel, though.

In other news, listening to the live version of Golden never gets old.

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So, I guess there's a Fullmetal Alchemist Big Bang? I'm not surprised, but I feel like this was something that I should have known already.

ETA: Can anyone watches Fullmetal Alchemist please explain to me how someone take Riza Hawkeye and reduce her to a fucken prize that Roy and some other jackass from South fight over? Like, how the fuck does this happen? Hawkeye? I can't even quantify my extreme hatred of this. Seriously, what the fuck?
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no one....

Jul. 25th, 2013 04:34 pm
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Can't decide if I'm happy that I have proof that they're making episode three or if I'm aggravated that Moffat is a fucken troll...

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During a convo I had on twitter with [livejournal.com profile] candy_belle and [livejournal.com profile] energy_purple, it was agreed that:


1. A Bandom/Avengers crossover would be awesome.
2. Patrick is Bruce Banner; all mild mannered and nice until you completely piss him off, and then it's all "Patrick smash!" and you're in a shit load of trouble.
3. Pete is so Tony Stark, it's fucken ridiculous; that ego, the insecurity, the intelligence and playboy-acting.
4. I would definitely have to start 'shipping Science Bros. if anyone wrote this.
5. Andy would be Natasha because he is a fucken ninja; see here for evidence.
6. Joe is Pepper; Pete's long suffering assistant/best friend.
7. Mikey and Gerard are Hawkeye and Phil. End of story.


That's really as far as I got -suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.

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Of course, I finally find a video of when Pete and Patrick were on loveline in April...and it's on ustream, which I can't watch on my phone, damn it. Seriously, wtf? It sucks.
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Before I tell you this story, you need to know that my current ringtone is the new FOB, "My Songs Know..."


Waiting at the bus stop, my phone goes off. Some guy I don't even know comes up to me and goes, "I'm really surprised that you listen to music with such misogynistic lyrics."


Which, seriously, that song? I mentioned that to him and he said he meant Fall Out Boy's older music.


What followed was a ten minute...I hesitate to say debate since he really had no defense or arguement besides, "You're wrong." where I pointed out -without cursing or yelling, you guys should be so proud of me, lol- that not once in any FOB song do they say, "I hate all women, they're all whores, they're stupid, they don' deserve any rightst,", etc. What they do say is, "I hate this particular woman because she cheated on me and treated me like shit." That's not being misogynistic, that's railing at an ex-gf. And, seriously, who hasn't said shit like that about someone who hurth them/pissed them off?


After I pointed all that out, he just said "Well, I think you're wrong." To which I said, "And I think you assuming that you can come over here and tell me anything about what kind of music i listen to is not only annoying but ignorant. And, also,you're wearing a lostprohets shirt, dude -I don't think you have any room to be throwing rocks at the music I listen to. Whatever faults Fall Out Boy may or may not have, at least none of them were ever arrested for being a pedophile."


Fuck, people annoy me.


Jan. 29th, 2013 08:47 pm
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Ok, what did I just do? Seriously, apparently doing 30 days of porn is not enough to keep me occupied, I had to go sign up for the BandomBigBang -do you know what that means?! I need to have at least 20,000 words by the middle of May and then polish it up and have it viewable by July. What the fuck is wrong me? Jesus fuck....

Ok, I can do this, right? RIGHT? Fuck, I hope this doesn't end horribly.

Also, I'm going to keep doing the 30 Day Porn, too. Why? Because I'm a fucken masochist, apparently.
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Let's play a little game called 'spot the Bandom guy'.....


Find him yet? Hint: bottom row, third from the right. ....still nothing? That, peeps, is Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz, III. HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
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It amazes me that this:

is from the same photo shoot as this:

How the hell does he go from acting like a hyperactive five year old to looking like god's gift to wet dreams?? How is that even possible? 
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Updated prompt list:
Chris and Alex's story from the 'Mine' 'verse -from the time they first meet until Alex breaks Chris's collarbone. -for the epically awesome energy_purple.
Teen!Guns smut set in the high school AU -burgandybaby, as a cheer up present for energy_purple.
Chris -drunk off his face- accidentally sexts a vid of him jacking off to Alex instead of VS -me, lol.
An orgy with the Guns and Punk/Colt -burgandybaby and energy_purple -of course, lol. Who else?
Chris runs into Joey in California and they decide to hang out. Joey offers to show Chris what he's been missing. Pairing: Sabin/Joey Ryan -the pairing is from my fevered little brain and the prompt from energy_purple.
SCS song fic, If It Kills Me -Jason Mraz -for burgandybaby.
Shelley/Petey, no AU's -for retroginger
Shelley/Roddy (maybe Aries), Gen Next era -for rfg_72
The Guns are having a lover's spat and to get back at the other they each make moves on a bb Evvy not realizing the other is doing the same and Roddy/Evvy drabble in the neko 'verse. -for candy_belle

lj's still being a complete and utter cunt about letting me post links. Is it doing that for anyone else? It won't let me add them on here.
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Can someone explain to me why when I googled 'Team Chismo' a Paul London picture showed up? I fI wanted to look at Paul London I would've typed in 'stupid scumbag'.

I had a weird dream last night involving Christmas, Team Chismo and a very confused Walmart cashier. Wtf is up with my brain this week?

Anyway, have a couple pics; I really need to get more Team Chismo pics....
...team chismo... )


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