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Over the week I decided I really should update my fic list -just to make it easier in case anyone wants to read them. I'll go by fandoms, then pairings, then by series or one shots, etc. After this, I'll mark the new ones with *, so it'll be easier for you guys to find them. These are all slash, peeps, and they're all PG-13 unless otherwise stated. Oh, and just a heads up, I suck at summaries. Also, if you want to podfic any of my fic, that's awesome and you definitely have my permission to do so. All I ask is that you let me know so I can pimp it out all over the place.

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Kind of bored right now, so I thought I'd this Fangirl Challenge; I think you're so supposed to do each section daily (i.e., 10 movies in 10 days, 7 character deaths in 7 days, etc.) but I can't be bothered, so I'll just do them randomly, I guess.

Today, I'll do....

15 pairings. Yeah, I should have no problem doing this one, lol. Let's start:

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So, I've got some more recs for you guys. Also, I thought I'd add a rec from my random folder along with the regular fandoms. Enjoy, peeps.

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Here's some more recs, enjoy, guys. Quick note, though, there's no wrestling recs on this one -I'm still in the middle of getting those sorted out and alot of them are still on my phone, so, yeah.

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