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Kind of bored right now, so I thought I'd this Fangirl Challenge; I think you're so supposed to do each section daily (i.e., 10 movies in 10 days, 7 character deaths in 7 days, etc.) but I can't be bothered, so I'll just do them randomly, I guess.

Today, I'll do....

15 pairings. Yeah, I should have no problem doing this one, lol. Let's start:

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Watching TOS and the BAMF Trio have brought, like, five red shirts with them to the surface of the planet of the week.


They must be expecting a ton of death, huh?


ETA: TOS is even slashier than the new movies.

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is lj being a bitch for anyone else today? *kicks it* Anyways, here's QOTD:

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Really cool Kirk/Spock video

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Here's some pics/gifs of the prettiest boys from Star Trek -and a couple other peeps, too. I fully encourage everyone to comment with their fave ZQMF/CFine pics/gifs/whatever.

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OK, since Star trek has quite obviously eaten and devoured my brain, I'm going to post a bunch of pics from of ZQMF & CFine the Star Trek cast. Alot these pics/icons/gifs, I'm not sure where I got them, so if they're yours, let me know and I'll give credit ;) Enjoy, peeps. Also, most of the ZQ icons, etc., are either of him or as Spock. One or two of them are from him in Heroes though (both as Gabriel Gray and Sylar). Oh, and I fully encourage anyone to share their faves with me....

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