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Waiting for the show to start, so thought I'd do this real quick.


Day 6- A lyric that describes you at this moment:


I will defend the faith, going down swinging; I will save the songs we can't stop singing.


New video

May. 17th, 2013 11:54 am
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It took me approximately four days, but I found a video of the first time FOB performed Save Rock And Roll



Things I love about this: Everything. I've been dying to hear this live and fuck, does it not disappoint. Fuck me, I can't wait for September.

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Congratulations to my favorite band, Fall Out Boy, for having the #1 album on the Billboards this week. You guys kick ass, we love the new album and this is one of the few ways we can show you guys how much you mean to us. Congrats, FOB, you guys deserve it.

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Apr. 15th, 2013 12:57 am
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I'm laying here, listening to Save Rock And Roll, and it occurred to me that I could go on and on (and on ) about how much I love this album, musically, lyrically and vocally, but, instead, I'm just going to post a couple of my favorite parts of each song.


...translation: i'm bored and to fangirl about save rock and roll and you guys are the lucky recipents... )


Apr. 14th, 2013 10:49 pm
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...that is all.
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Seriously, this whole record is just filled with nothing but catchy hooks and awesome lyrics and just general coolness. It's stuck in my head constantly.

All the boys are smoking menthols, girls are getting backrubs. I will get to you if you make yourself shake fast enough. My old aches become new again, my old friends become exes again. -Where'd The Party Go?

Save Rock And Roll is fucken addictive, I swear. And when it's not sounding like a party waiting to happen, it's breaking your heart.

If I spilled my guts the world would never look at you the same way. I’m here to give you all of my love so I can watch your face as I take it all away. -Just One More Yesterday ft Foxes

You guys need to listen to this, legit. Because, shit, Patrick's voice, Pete's lyrics, Joe and Patrick's music, plus Andy's drumming and background vocals have created this monster that's unstoppable.
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Getting ready to dye my hair again and I've been making the bff listen to Save Rock And Roll all night; she's been surprisingly not bitchy about it. I'm guessing she agreed when I pointed out that she should have at least a passing familiarity with the music that she'll be seeing live in Sept.

But this record guys, holy fuck -I can hardly articulate all the things I love about it.

First -and one of the biggest for me, I freely admit- Patrick's fucken voice. I've always loved it, yes, and I'm inherently biased towards thinking he sings better than anyone in the known universe, again yes. But I can't be the only one thinking that his voi e and range and style and just everything is so much there this record -more in your face and confident and clear and gorgeous. Patrick has finally decided to own his fucken voice and, jesus fuck, does he own it.

And the music, man. With Joe adding his own talent to Patrick's genius, they've got this monster of guitar riffs and pianos and kick ass bass lines (not bad for a shitty ass bass player, hmmm?) and drums that feel like they can dictate your heartbeat at any given minute.

And woven through the beats and guitars, bass and drums and melodies and in Patrick's voice is Pete's words. He's grown up, just like all of us, but he still knows how it feels to get your heart broken and kicked around, how it feels to be alone. And he still knows how to relate it to you in a way most people would never think of, but the underlying viciousness that made Take This To Your Grave so memorable and releatable is gone. He still wants to get back at who hurt him, but that's human nature. At 32, Pete knows things don't always work out, he understands it in a way he didn't when he was 21. And he knows now that sometimes the best revenge is being happy, is proving that you can, in fact, live -and even thrive- without. Pete knows what we all do: as satisfying as it would be to see someone who broke your heart choke and crash, there are more important things in life.

They -Pete, Patrick, Joe and Andy- have grown up but, then again, we all have. Everyone grows up eventually, it's a fact of life. It's another fact that the bands that changed your life when you were 21 may come to be nothing more than a fond memory when your 31. If you're lucky, extremely lucky, your favorite band not only grows with you, but still speaks to you, still makes you feel more than you really are.

There are a lot of reasons why I love Fall Out Boy, but the music has always been on the top of the list; they've spoken to me, understood me since I was 21. I'm extremely lucky: my favorite band has grown with me, they're still speaking to me.

They've saved me more times than i can count and it's beyond anything I can explain to know that they'll still be there for me for the considerable future.

Save Rock and Roll. If anyone can do it, it's Fall Out Boy.
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If I spilled my guts the world would never look at you the same way. I’m here to give you all of my love so I can watch your face as I take it all away. -Just One More Yesterday, Fall Out Boy
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Here's the link for the lyrics for Save Rock And Roll.

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] sarisynn turns out we were both wrong; it's "When Rome's in ruin,"

It just wouldn't be a FOB album without some misheard lyrics, amirite?


Apr. 8th, 2013 01:22 pm
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I just got done with my first listen of Save Rock And Roll; I'm probably going to do a more thorough review of it (not because I think anyone really cares, but because I can't help myself, lol), but my fast favorite -besides the singles- is Miss Missng You. Here's the chorus:

Baby, you were my picket fence, I'll miss missing you now and then. Cloning kids, summer skin, I'll miss missing you now and then. Sometimes before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger. Sometimes the one you'd take a bullet for is pulling the trigger. We're fading fast, I'll miss missing you now and then.

Honestly, this album isn't what I always thought the new Fall Out Boy would always be, it's so much better.,


Apr. 8th, 2013 12:23 pm
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Because Fall Out Boy are awesome and want us all to be happy, they started live streaming Save Rock And Roll in it's entirety- so, get a snack, have a drink and listen to what, imo, is one of their best albums yet, Save Rock And Roll.
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Reviews are starting to go up for Save Rock And Roll; mostly good so far, although, I've never been one to listen to critics when it comes to music I hold close to me. But this one is well done; absolutepunk.net's Jason Tate did it. The link for the whole thing is here, but here's the part that spoke most to me:

..When I was 18, I fell asleep wishing she'd choked and crashed her car: I found solace in songs that let me know I was not alone in my heartbreak. Now I've grown. I'm no longer the boy I once was. I loved. I lost. I'm now a man that understands that the person you'd take a bullet for is sometimes the one behind the trigger. And as I've changed, Fall Out Boy has changed. Just as when I look in a mirror I don't long for my yesterday, now when the needle hits the record I don't pine for a memory. Today, this is Fall Out Boy at their grandest, and these are the songs that will live within a space of reflective solitude or be shouted amongst friends along a stretch of forgotten highway. When I was younger, this is the kind of album that wouldn't have been for me -- I saw pop and gloss as four letter words. Back then I wanted grungy guitars and the forbidden beat, but here at 30 I've grown to love the grandiose production, these layered synths, and the punchy aesthetic. Each time we select an album and push play, we hope that the music says something to us -- that it speaks, and that while we're lost within the songs another voice becomes our own. And when we go back to the well, it's with the knowledge that each selection says something about us -- about who we were, who we are, and who we hope to be. Save Rock And Roll is an album that fulfills this promise and one that resonates and screams of a band actualized within its own identity even while the listener searches for his or her own. And I know that I'll reach for this album countless times over the years -- aware of what it says to me, and forever unafraid of what it says about me.

That is exactly what I've been wanting to say, and felt, since FOB cameback and we started getting new interviews and lyrics and songs. And said way better than I could ever articulate.

Getting your heart broken at twenty isn't the same as getting it broken at thirty. We all grow up eventually and our favorite bands do the growing with us.
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That Pete is a giant fanboy:

He posted it on his tumblr earlier. I kind of love the fact that he loves his band so much.


Also, more lyrics from SRAR (seriously, only eight more days, guys); I'm here to give you all of my love, so I can watch your face as I take it all away.


More post divorce lyrics, imo. Pete never actually released a statement or did any interviews about the divorce, so I can only imagine how much he's wanted to get this out of his systems. The fact that he waited until his band -his best friends- made another album to do it is very telling to me. And very Pete.


Apr. 5th, 2013 12:38 pm
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For The Phoenix:



His voice , guys. Jesus fuck. I would listen to anything if Patrick was singing it -I would listen to country music if he did it. I just...the way he hits that high note. I can't even begin to explain how much I love that voice. And can I just point out how proud Pete looks through most of this? All, "yeah, that's my bff, his voice is golden. I love it and I could listen to it forever." I feel kinda bad for the other guys, though; I mean, I love acoustic sets but there's not a lot for everyone else to do while Patrick's singing.


Bonus pic of Pete's DSLs:

Just me or is he just begging for someone to fuck his throat?

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Oh, yeah, we've got another new track from SRAR -Young Volcanoes. No idea if it's the new single, but give it a listen here: Young Volcanoes.


Not their usual style, but it's strangely catchy. And the middle part of the second verse, where Patrick laughs? Yeah, that made me happy in my pants.



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There's only thirteen more days until Save Rock and Roll is out; it's not an exaggeration to say that I haven't been this excited for a CD in fucken years. And since I love all of you, flist, I feel like I should warn all my non-Bandom friends that for that week or so after the CD comes out, I'm probably going to be pretty useless on here for any thing that's not FOB related. I'd apologize in advance, but we all know I wouldn't mean it, lol. I do promise to try to remember to put all SRAR gushing under a cut.

Saw this...somewhere and thought, 'eh, why the hell not?' Random meme time: Comment with the start of a sentence, I reply with the rest of it. These can be fannish or personal, or whatever, really. (ie: "If I had ten minutes alone with Patrick Stump I'd.." or "If I could eat one food forever it'd be..")
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Saw this on tumblr and has to post it here because I think it's awesome:

(Sixteen more days -SIXTEEN FUCKEN DAYS.)


Mar. 26th, 2013 02:39 pm
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Stumbled across this a few days ago during my internet wanderings. Putting it under a cut since it's fairly spoilerish....


...i'm gonna change you like a remix, then I'll raise you like a phoenix... )


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