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Found this here:


Look at Pete's face; proof that Patrick can get Pete off just by talking/singing, y/y/OMFGY?

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Got this from




Pete is the biggest Peterick fanboy of all time; the rest of us can only hope to be on his level someday.

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I love this video, for so many reasons; least of all because Patrick kick ass on this mash up. And the way he glances at Pete through the whole thing, those smiles, the way Pete has his hands all over Patrick almost constantly. I just don't get how anyone can watch a video like this and not see the love and affection they have for each other.

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Things I love about this: How fucken hot Joe looks with his hair pulled back, how eager Andy is to go to Antartica; BONER PARTY, Joe's sexiness, the visual of Patrick in the shower, Pete being mistaken for E.L. James. Patrick's photographic memory when it comes to FOB music, the image of Pete sweaty and running around playing soccer....without a shirt on.


Also, how big of an asshole do you have to be for Patrick Stump to call you a dick?


(seriously, though, why was Joe so freakin' sexy here?? Anyone??)

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So has the image of Pete the extrovert and Patrick the introvert been exaggerated by the media?


Pete:I think so, it's not so much like oil and water.
Patrick:I never liked that analogy because oil and water don't need each other.


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Snagged this from: http://1013corpses.tumblr.com/post/54614896005

I love the way he looks at Patrick in the last gif and Patrick is just smirking, all "Keep dreaming, Wentz -I draw the line at pizza." And Pete just looks all smug and fond like this is a convo they've had before about other things and he knows he'll get his way eventually. Meanwhile, poor Andy looks super uncomfortable, like, "WHY AM I STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THESE TWO? WTF?" Even though he's not pictured, I bet Joe was greatly amused by all of this.
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Posted on Patrick's and the FOB instagram, respectively:

Sixteen year old, jailbait!Patrick. No hat, those sideburns, fuuuuccccckkkk. Apparently his Dad found it. Thank you, Mr. Stump, for that. (sidenote: I really want to thank his parents for the good genetics  they gifted him with 'cause damn.




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Two more reasons why I love/respect FOB so much:




Alright, so something really fucking weird has happened to me today, and all because I tweeted my disappointment at Pete Wentz’s music and his attitude during an after show, which had nothing to do with the rest of his band.


First of all I think this is ridiculous that I have to go out of my way and reply to this, but after the amount of death threats, name calling and abuse I can’t ignore this anymore.


Read More


(this bottom part is from Pete's tumblr; I can't get it to format for some reason)


i want to be very clear with everyone. please leave this girl alone…. name calling and threats are silly. in regards to saying that that i shouldn’t reply to negative comments. i thnk people especially fans should know that we read and hear what is being said and that at the least you should be civil. what is an average show to you may be an awesome one to someone else… its all objective… PLEASE READ BEFORE attending any after parties: thats being said for the future for people coming out to see me dj my sets consist of house, heavy electronica, and some trap stuff depending on the club. i don’t play too much punk rock or rock stuff- but hey its a set and if you really wanna hear something I’m always down to play it (sometimes ill play some refused remixes the club last night specifically was looking for house stuff)… artists that i like a lot that i play are knife party, zedd, nero, etc… i will post a spotify list of stuff i have been playing just so you know BEFORE you spend your money. these are not FOB after parties and i do not typically play FOB songs (outside of a few remixes). id love it if you come out after and dance and hang and have a good time if this is your kind of thing and your kind of music or if you are open to new experiences… there are no meet and greets unless it says otherwise in ads… there are always polite, cool ways to find to approach people… i played an entire buck hunt game with a buddy and a great dude that showed up and came over and played with us (someone i did not know at all)… shout out to the dude that rolled over with the grizzlies snapback too… i think this whole thing has gotten out of hand and truly hope everyone will leave you alone… compassion and empathy trump everything in how we treat other people…

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A couple more reasons why I love my band. First, this:

I love you, Pete. As awesome as it was to have Pete call Shane on his shit last time, Pete is trying to ignore it and not feed into Shane's insanity and stupidity. Which, really, is how you deal with trolls. Now, if Shane is actually dumb enough to show up at the show, well, it might be time to call the cops.


And Joe posted this on his tumblr:


...a constellation of tears on your lashes... )

Joe was super respectful through the whole thing; some people would have resorted to name calling and such, but Joe stayed on the point and made it obvious -to me, at least- that he still cares about all FOB fans.

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....this doesn't even need a caption because the love is fucken obvious.

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Here, have a gif set of Patrick's infamous temper:

Best thing about this? The fact that Pete was being a creeper and filming Patrick sleep -until he hit him because...well, he's Pete.


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