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So, I was talking on twitter with [livejournal.com profile] candy_belle the other night and got on the subject of top ten celebrity crushes and how they would all be hockey players because hockey is more addictive than fucken heroin. And I told her I would post my top ten. So, yeah, here you go, lol. Enjoy 😉


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So, this picspam is to help [livejournal.com profile] candy_belle with her jailbait!Kaner fic bunny -and because I love you, hun, have some jailbait! Tazer, too 😉


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Found this and I can't stop staring at it, and wishing it was fucken September already, what the actual fuck. So, you know, enjoy.

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Starting to gear up for the WCF, so have a video where Jonny and Pat spend the entire interview complimenting each other, admit that they've been tied together since their rookie year and that they dream about each other:

(The sound in this is pretty low, so you might want to up the volume a little bit.)
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I recently poised a question to [livejournal.com profile] candy_belle; who has better shoulders, Jonny or Duncs? After some debating, it was unanimously decided that we needed a picspam to properly decide.

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So, I was finally able to upload this, so enjoy guys :)



Story Title: Demon
Characters: Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews
Pairings: Pat/Jonny
Rating: PG-13 for this part, NC-17 for the series overall
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Series: Wolves of Chicago
Disclaimer: So not mine, on any level. Everyone in this belongs to themselves except Patrick Kane, we all know what happens when he's in charge of himself.
Warnings: Language, violence, werewolves
Summary: But with the beast inside, there's no where we can hide.
A/N: Ah, I have no clue where this came from. Lots of hand-waving regarding schedules, timelines and general reality. This wouldn't have been possible without [livejournal.com profile] candy_belle, who not only supported by nosedive into yet another fandom, but encouraged, enabled and let me bounce ideas of her. This one's for you, hun, and here's to another fandom, lol. Title and summary from Demons by Imagine Dragons.



...and the ones we hail are the worst of all... )

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Onto the...fourth? fifth? part of the NHL meme:

Six Jerseys








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