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Random gifs:



I usually refer to this as Pat's 'I love Jonny' moment, ala Cher from Clueless.
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So, preseason started today, I'm sure everyone realizes how thrilled I am -we're mere weeks away from the start of the regular season.

Of course, preseason has it's own rewards (which I will show you shortly, don't worry), but I'm really curious as to what everyone thinks about all the injuries going around right now. It seems like almost every team has at least one person out -hell, the Pens entire first line, part of their second and all of their letters are out right now (Sid, Duper, Kuni and Geno -Sid has the C, and Geno and Kuni As, in case anyone's curious). Not to mention that the Stars have people out (Val, 1RW and Kari, G, got pulled today -don't know if it was a scheduled goalie switch or what), Claude's out for a pulled groin, Quick's still out (G for the Kings, he fucked up his foot over the summer) and Doughty is out indefinitely with an upper body injury. And those are just ones I heard about. What the fuck, Hockey Gods, fucking with us already?

Good things have come, too, though, Stars beat the Blues tonight (FUCK YOU, TJ OSHIE, STOP TRYING TO STOCKHOLM ME INTO LIKING YOU, MOTHERFUCKER), the Hawks are looking good and, perhaps best of all, CAREY FUCKEN PRICE IS BACK IN HIS NET AND IS PLAYING AS GOOD AS EVER, SO FUCK YOU RANGERS. FUCK YOU SO HARD AND WITH NO LUBE.

In addition to those awesome things, here's a couple more:

For anyone doesn't know, these are the Patricks, Kane and Sharp, from l to r. Kaner caught a piece of a puck to the face and Sharpy got a high stick, and then these two assholes took fucken pictures to post on the internet. I know this was all you, Sharpy, and I'm not sure if I want to beat you for being a troll or kiss you for posting them. Probably both. Now I'm imagining Jonny fucking Kaner's face, his thumb pressed against the cut on Kaner's face, drawing these gorgeous noises from him... Fuck you, Sharpy, this is all your fault.

So, yeah, Tyler Seguin. Who is so blissed out because he's playing on a line with his bf bff again. Fuck you, TSegs. Just...fuck your everything.
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Found this and I can't stop staring at it, and wishing it was fucken September already, what the actual fuck. So, you know, enjoy.

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I went on a Carey Price binge earlier and to offset some horrible hockey news, I thought I'd share some Carey pics with you. Because this is hockey, his bff PK Subban is also in some of these. Enjoy!

...and everybody's getting down an' this town ain't never gonna be the same... )
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I recently poised a question to [livejournal.com profile] candy_belle; who has better shoulders, Jonny or Duncs? After some debating, it was unanimously decided that we needed a picspam to properly decide.

...we are the lions... )
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So, it's official, Shawzy's scratched for the game tonight. It blows, on so many fucken levels, so I thought I'd post a we-miss-you-Mutt picspam.

...she said, 'my boy, it's dagger'... )
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I desperately needed cheering up after the debacle that was supposed to be a playoff game, so I thought I'd do a picspam of a couple new people...

...watching the waves roll off the rocks... )
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So, I was on twitter, talking to [livejournal.com profile] candy_belle about Claude and Danny's epic love and then I thought of doing a Danny Briére picspam because Danny. And, also, to con certain people *cough*[livejournal.com profile] candy_belle*cough* into writing more Danny/Claude fic. Fingers x'd that it works...

...just turn around boy and let me hit that... )
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Onto the second last part of the NHL Meme. Sidenote, I got this gif set here.


...i'm on fire... )

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So, I was on twitter, talking to [livejournal.com profile] candy_belle about hockey and how it ruins lives, like you do, when I mentioned Geno and how could anyone hate him, ever, seriously. It devolved into me going on about how much I like his goal cellies, especially when he roars and pounds on the glass. Then I got goaded into doing a picspam of said cellie because I have no resistance about these things.



...i'm a legend, i'm irreverent... )

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Found this here:


Look at Pete's face; proof that Patrick can get Pete off just by talking/singing, y/y/OMFGY?

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Saw this on tumblr and it made me think of [livejournal.com profile] em25, so have a belated birthday present, Em:


From PWG's Astonishing X-Mas, Kevin Steen vs Super Dragon. Guerilla Warfare Match:



(I always knew Steen had a death wish, but this just cements it. Spitting at Super Dragon, Kevin? Jesus.)



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