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Taking a break from writing and I thought I'd do this meme:


Put a ship in the comments and I will tell you a bit about how each of the following scenarios would go down for them:


Fake dating




Sexpollen/fuck or die/aliens made them do it




Secret kinks


Their first kiss


Meeting the parents


Moving in together


A crossover of my choice


An au of my choice


If you like, another trope/scenario of your choice


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Saw this and decided it would be fun, so:

Character Meme:

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your f-list to post questions in the comments. For example: "One, nine, and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?", "Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?", "Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?"

3) After your f-list has stopped asking questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

I've used all of my fandoms, past and present, so go ahead and ask as many questions as you want.

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Kind of bored, so I thought I'd do a meme:


Comment and tell me a fic idea that you want me to write and I'll give you whatever headcanons I may have about it and possibly drabble a little bit of it, too.

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Pretty fucken bored, so have some hockey themed questions to ask me:

...and it's right... )
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We all know how much I love talking about headcanons, so pick a character and a number or two and I'll answer them:


1:Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.


2:Talk about your first kiss.


3:Talk about the person you've had the most intense romantic feelings for.


4:Talk about the thing you regret most so far.


5:Talk about the best birthday you've had.


6:Talk about the worst birthday you've had.


7:Talk about your biggest insecurity.


8:Talk about the thing you are most proud of.


9:Talk about little things on your body that you like the most.


10:Talk about the biggest fight you've ever had.


11:Talk about the best dream you've ever had.


12:Talk about the worst dream you've ever had.


13:Talk about the first time you had sex/how you imagine your first time.


14:Talk about a vacation.


15:Talk about the time you were most content in life.


16:Talk about the best party you've ever been to.


17:Talk about someone you want to be friends with.


18:Talk about something that happened in elementary school.


19:Talk about something that happened in middle school.


20:Talk about something that happened in high school.


21:Talk about a time you had to turn someone down.


22:Talk about your worst fear.


23:Talk about a time someone turned you down.


24:Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot.


25:Talk about an ex-best friend.


26:Talk about things you do when you're sick.


27:Talk about your favorite part of someone else's body.


28:Talk about your fetishes.


29:Talk about what turns you on.


30:Talk about what turns you off.


31:Talk about what you think death is like.


32:Talk about a place you remember from your childhood.


33:Talk about what you do when you are sad.


34:Talk about the worst physical pain you've endured.


35:Talk about things you wish you could stop doing.


36:Talk about your guilty pleasures.


37:Talk about someone you thought you were in love with.


38:Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.


39:Talk about things you wish you'd known earlier.


40:Talk about the end of something in your life.


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Kind of bored, so I thought I'd do this meme that mixes hockey and Greek Mythology.

Give me a team and I'll tell you which Gods or Goddesses protect them and how they ask honor them, get blessings or protection, things like that.
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Ok, can't sleep and I'm kind of bored, so I thought I'd do a picture meme. Comment with a pic and I'll drabble you a little something.
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Taking a break from my bbb (almost done with the first part, at just under 10,000 words), saw this on tumblr and thought it could be cool:

Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom/pairing and I’ll tell you something about the story I’d write for that combination (i.e. write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write)

pretending to be married/fake dating
high school/college AU
handcuffed together
next-door neighbors AU
secretly a virgin
be careful what you wish for
accidental baby acquisition
truth or dare
sharing a bed
road trip
curtain fic/domestic fic

Usual fandoms and rules apply :)
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Bored, so that means meme time.


Give me a person or ship and I will write one sentence of ten genres for them. The genres are:


1. Angst
2. AU
3. Crack!fic Plot
4. Crossover
5. First Time
6. Fluff
7. Humor
8. Hurt/Comfort
9. Smut
10. UST

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Kind Of bored, so I stole this from [livejournal.com profile] candy_belle:


Leave me a comment with a slash pairing and genre you would love to see and I will tell you the plot of a fic I'd love to write but have never and/or will never get around to writing for them. Usual fandoms and stuff apply :)

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So, I'm going to be for awhile -more coffee than normal + bbb = a very wide awake, hyper me- and I thought I would do a meme.


Give me a pairing and a 'verse and I'll drabble something for you.

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Look, here's another meme that I'm using to alleviate my caffeine-induced boredom:


Give me a kink and I'll give you my opinion on it, plus tell you which -if any- of the usual suspects are into and why or why not they are/aren't. Fuck it, send me a list of kinks, guys. Seriously, I am so fucken bored right now, fuck.

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Bored, so...


Another character meme; send me a character and I'll tell you:


1. What I like about them
2. What I dislike about them
3. Favourite moment
4. Least favourite moment
5. A situation with this character that I want to see explored more
6. An interesting AU for this character
7. A crossover
8. OTP (or OT3+ etc…. just… favourite ship)
9. Other ships?
10. BROTP?
11. NOTP?
12. An assortment of headcanons! 


Usual fandoms (Bandom, Avengers, Sherlock (BBC), Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Star Trek AOS) and restrictions apply.

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So, I'm a tiny bit bored, and I've possibly had a little too much caffeine, and the last time I did this it was pretty cool, soooooo:


Meme time: name a character or person that I'm fannish about and I'll give you ten random facts about them. You can even specify which 'verse of that character you want.


Hope everyone's been OK so far, with the weather being all fucky every fucken where. Keep safe f-list, yeah?

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Pretty bored, so I thought I'd do this meme:

5 things you would put on a pentagram to summon me.
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It's been a while, so I thought I'd post a meme, so:


Pick a fandom and I'll tell you:


1. Tell me about the three scenes/events that you dislike the most.
2. If you had to invent a recurring character, what character would that be? What would their first scene be/how would they appear?
3. Have you actually given it a thought why you hate your NOtp or was it just a thing like “hate at first sight”?
4. If you could choose for one character to come back, which one would it be? You can only choose one.
5. Take your favorite character/person and your favorite character/person from another show and tell me how those two characters are alike.
6. Give you a one sentence long summary of the worst fic you’ve ever read about your OTP. Don’t link to it.
7. Would you rather read a 1k E rated fanfic or a 25k T rated fic about your NOtp? “None at all” is not an answer.
8. Assign real world jobs to your top 5 favorite characters. (AKA human/domestic!AU, who would work in what job?)
9. Draft a tweet by your third favorite character/person to your favorite character/person and your least favorite character/person.
10. Which quote do you loathe by now because the fandom has overused it?

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Sooo, I can't sleep and I thought I'd come one here and do a meme. Trying to get the Bandom muses working (trying to write a Bandom/Avengers Teen Wolf fusion -don't ask, I don't even know), so lets make it a Bandom specific meme; usual rules apply. Give me a pairing and a prompt and I'll drabble something for you.
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Alright, I'm kind of bored, so give me some prompts; usual rules and restrictions apply. Give me anything and I mean anything, people.


Also up for some Fuck, Marry, Kill, so hit me up with some of those, too.

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Kind of bored, so I thought I would do this meme:


Name ten five four (because this took fucken forever and I got pissed at it) of your favorite characters and the song you associate with them.


Considering my prominent fandom right now is Bandom, I'm going to include it, even though I'm well-aware of the fact that everyone in Bandom is a real person and not technically a character.


Under a cut because I'm going to include pics and it's bound to get on the longish side.


...you are who you love, not who loves you... )

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Saw this on.....somewhere and thought it would be cool to try it out:


Pick one of my icons and I'll write a drabble based on it.


Go on, pick one, comment with it (let me know if you need the code). Go crazy and things.


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