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Over the week I decided I really should update my fic list -just to make it easier in case anyone wants to read them. I'll go by fandoms, then pairings, then by series or one shots, etc. After this, I'll mark the new ones with *, so it'll be easier for you guys to find them. These are all slash, peeps, and they're all PG-13 unless otherwise stated. Oh, and just a heads up, I suck at summaries. Also, if you want to podfic any of my fic, that's awesome and you definitely have my permission to do so. All I ask is that you let me know so I can pimp it out all over the place.

The Guns

Wing!fic 'verse: Not Now, He Knew , Home, Never and I'm Not Jesus. Summary: Chris has always known he was different.

Neko 'verse: Just Them, Don't Touch, I Agree, You, 5 and 1-Neko, For You, Never Again, Jump Start, Next Part 1 & 2, Could It, Understand and Should I? Summary: Chris will do anything to protect his neko -including beating the shit out of Gen. Me. Pairings: Guns, Roderick Strong/Evan Bourne

Blood Stained: Bad Things and Who Knows. Summary: Chris and Alex as evil, sexy vamps. Hard MA rating.

Sentinel 'verse: It's Just Us. Summary: As a Sentinel and his Guide, Chris and Alex can only rely on each other as they evade capture from the Genetics council.

Before You and After -Summary: Chris and Alex's story from Mine.

One Shots:

I Told You -Summary: Alex and Chris have some fun in the Impact Zone.

Zombie Plan -Summary: The Guns try to explain to AJ why they need a zombie plan. (I couldn't find the post for this one on lj, so I used my ffnet link instead.)

Champions -Summary: Chris and Alex celebrate winning the TNA Tag titles. Hard MA.

Away -Summary: My take on how Alex broke his collarbone.

With Him -Summary: Alex's first night back from his injury.

Belong -Summary: Chris shows Alex why they belong together. Hard MA.

Old Friends -Summary: The Guns meet up with an old friend at an ROH show. Pairings: MMG, Sabin/Roderick Strong.

5 And 1 -Summary: 5 Times Chris Knew He Wanted Alex and 1 Time Alex Wanted Chris.

A Little Joke -Summary: The Guns prank AJ.

Lied -Summary: Chris gets injured at PWG's Threemendous 2 and Alex tries to be a good boyfriend.

Here -Summary: Alex visits Chris after his surgery.

30 Times, Detroit Edition -Summary: 30 snapshots of the Guns.

First -Summary: Alex sneaks into Chris's room to hang out.

Dating -Summary: Chris thinks about his friendship with Alex.

Don't Worry -Summary: Alex releases some tension after a match. Pairings: MMG, Shelley/Bryan Danielson.

Dreams -Summary: Chris has the same dream every night.

Maybe -Summary:Alex tries to get out of watching TV with Chris.

Why? -Summary: Chris forces Alex to look at what's in front of his face.

Admit It -Summary: The Guns get into a fight and have to make a decision about their friendship.

Animals -Summary: Ryan learns why messing with Chris is never a good idea. Hard MA. Pairings: MMG, Derek Corbin/Ryan Cruz, Shelley/Cruz. Warnings: Non-con, physical assault.

Wake Up Call -Summary: Alex is up to his usual antics.

Addicted -Summary: Alex misses Chris a lot more then he thought he would. Hard MA. Warnings: d/s, dom!Chris, sub!Alex.

Forget -Summary: Chris helps Joey forget why he's so depressed. Pairings: MMG, Sabin/Joey Ryan, Joey Ryan/Scott Lost(friendship)

Nothing New – Summary: Petey thinks about his relationship with both of the Guns. Pairings: MMG, Shelley/Petey Williams.

Sexting -Summary: Alex gets an interesting text from Chris.

Fifty -Summary: Fifty isn't enough; fifty sentences about the Guns.

Control -Summary: Alex gets exactly what he wanted. Hard MA, Sequel to Addicted. Warnings: d/s, dom!Chris, sub!Alex.

A Year -Summary: How long it took two semi-intelligent people to realize they belong together.


No Words Needed -Eyes, Your Own Fault, 5 and 1 -Punk Remix, Long Time, Don't Even, You and Me, Soon and Bete Noir. Summary: My take on why Punk was gunning for Randy so hard last year. Pairings: past Punk/Randy, Punk/Colt.

School Days -School, Shake the Disease and Anything. High school AU with burgandybaby. What we think would have happened if Punk and Colt met while they were both still in school. Pairings: Punk/Colt, MMG.

Alone -Summary: Punk thinks about his life when he can't sleep.

Snow Day -Summary: Punk and Colt spend a snow day together.

What Matters – Summary: Punk tells Colt why he doesn't want to stay with WWE.

30 Times, Chicago Style -Summary: Thirty brief portraits of the Second City Saints.

Fired -Summary: Punk shows Vince -and the WWE- that he doesn't care if he gets fired.

God-daughter -Summary: A side of Punk no one would have guessed at -except Colt.

Lonely -Summary: Punk misses Colt.

ABC's of the Second City Saints -Summary: An alphabetic look at SCS.

Trust -Summary: There are some things that Punk can only trust his best friend with. Hard MA.

Fault -Summary: Colt knows he has no one to blame but himself.

Birthday -Summary: Punk explains why he hates his birthday so much.

Gone -Summary: Punk won't believe it.


Mine -Randy comes face to face with a choice that will change his life. Pairings: MMG, E&C, Punk/Colt, Randy Orton/Justin Gabriel, John Cena/Evan Bourne, Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes, The Miz/Alex Riley.

*iPod Shuffle Challenge – Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Pairings: MMG, E&C, Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho/multiple, Randy Orton/Justin Gabriel, Punk/Colt, Kirk/Spock, Pinto, Sylar/Peter, J2

Moonstruck -Strange. Summary: Moonstruck, adj. 1. Insane and believed to be affected by the phases of the moon. 2. Unable to think or act normally -especially because of being in love. Pairings: MMG, eventual Punk/Colt.

Adam and Edge -Summary: Edge shows Chris how far he'll go to protect his partner. Pairings: E&C.

Back -Summary: Jay comes back for the night. Pairings: E&C.

5 and 1 -Summary: 5 Times Adam Knew He Loved Jay and 1 Time Jay Loved Him. Pairings: E&C.

5 and 1 -Summary: 5 Times Matt Said No and 1 Time He Said Yes. Pairings: Roderick Strong/Matt Sydal(Evan Bourne).

Bruises -Summary: Mike bothers Bryan and gets a fight he was never expecting. Pairings: Bryan Danielson/The Miz. Hard MA.

Good Time -Summary: Roddy and Matt hang out for the night. Pairings: Roderick Strong/Matt Sydal(Evan Bourne), MMG

It Doesn't Matter -Summary: Chris realizes exercise isn't the answer for everything. Pairing: Kings Of Wrestling.

Love -Summary: Matt will always choose Jeff. A/N: This is the last Hardy Boys story I wrote -and it's going to stay that way; it was a last ditch effort to remind myself why I used to love both the Hardys and it failed miserably. Pairings: Jeff/AJ, brief Matt/Lita.

Acquiesce -Summary: He waited contently. Pairings: MMG, Roderick Strong/Evan Bourne

Star Trek: 2009

 Destiny 'verse: Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Summary: No matter what universe it is, if there is a Jim Kirk there, there will also be a Spock. And they will always find each other. Pairings: Kirk/Spock.

You and Me: Part 12. Summary: An away mission gone wrong results in a bemused Captain and a miniaturized First Officer. Pairings: Kirk/Spock.

 Mirror 'verse series: Always Us, Obviam Parentes. -Summary: Even in the Mirror 'verse some things stay the same. Pairings: Kirk/Spock, Sarek/Amanda.

One Shots:

When You're Dating A Vulcan -Summary: Jim thinks about his favorite Vulcan. Pairings: Kirk/Spock.

First Time -Summary: 5 Times Jim Should Have Been Terrified And Wasn't and 1 Time He Was Terrified And Shouldn't Have Been. Pairings: Kirk/Spock.

Star Trek: 2009 RPS

 Lone Wolf 'verse: Every Breath -Prologue, Of Wolves And Humans -Part 1, The Only Time -Part 2, So Far -Part 3. Summary: Zach has never wanted what everyone else around him has. But when he meets Chris, will he do what his instincts demand? Pairings: Pinto

Pigtails -Summary: Chris tries to figure out why he went out of his way to piss off Zach. Pairings: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto (Pinto)

Need -Summary: Chris knows that Zach will always give him what he needs. Pairings: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto (Pinto) Warning: D/s -dom!Zach, sub!Chris

 You And I -Summary: Chris tries to convince Zach to take him back. Pairings: Pinto

 The Thing -Summary: He was just tired of not being the most important person in his boyfriends life. Pairings: Zachary Quinto/Jon Groff, Pinto (friendship)


Want -Summary: Dean thinks about all the different things he's ever wanted. Pairings: Dean/Sam (Wincest)  

 *Scars & Souvenirs: Head Over Tail, Smoke And Mirrors, Present, It Was Fun -Summary: Pete's twenty the first time he meets Patrick; he's the first unclaimed sub Patrick's ever met who's over the age of seventeen. They click almost immediately but that doesn't mean things will be easy for them. Warnings: Slash, language, BDSM, dom!Patrick, sub!Pete Pairings: Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump

*Destiny -Folie a Duex Edition -Part 1, 2 -Summary: Sometimes there are two people who are so tied together, who's very essence are always searching for each other, who need each other the same way other people need air or water; that no matter the circumstances surrounding them, they will meet and they will change each other's lives. It's their destiny -it's as simple, and complicated, as that. Pairings: Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump

Still The Same -Summary: They're not in the same band any more, but Patrick's still the first person Pete calls when he needs someone. Pairings: Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump

 Secret -Summary: Pete's got a lot of kinks, but the biggest one's not even a secret -how could it be when he shares it with thousands of people on a weekly basis? Pairings: Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump

Save Me -Summary: Patrick knows Pete better than anyone else does. Pairings: Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump

For Me -Summary: Does completely self-indulgent smut actually need a summary? Pairings: Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump

 TFLN -The Peterick Edition -Summary: Complete and utter ridiculousness. Pairings: Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump

As Long As It's You -Summary: Mikey knows he can trust his brother with everything. Pairings: Gerard Way/Mikey Way (Waycest)


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