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note: originally, this was supposed to be for [livejournal.com profile] candy_bellewho prompted me 'jamie/segs, segs teasing jamie about being scared to go on rollercoasters'...this is not that. actually, this is no where close to that. sorry, hun.


When Tyler finally blinked awake, he was half sprawled across Jamie's chest, his head tucked under Jamie's chin, but his legs were tangled with Jordie's, who had one arm draped over Tyler's waist and the palm of his hand resting on his brother's stomach.

Once Tyler made sure he couldn't hear the dogs whining to be let out, he closed his eyes and let himself fall back asleep; his collar snug around his throat and his Doms surrounding him.


It wasn't always easy.

Ok, maybe that's not really the whole truth.

Things have always been pretty effortless between the three of them, even back when Tyler had first gotten to Dallas and been equal parts pissed off and scared.

It became second nature for Tyler to seek out their company whenever he needed to feel grounded -or even when he just got bored.

He knew he was getting too attached to both of them and that he would eventually have to choose. Doms didn't share well, especially in serious relationships; they got too possessive over subs and it never ended well.

Tyler had always believed it -hell, Brownie got pissy sometimes when he thought Tyler wasn't paying enough attention to him and they were just bros.

But that never happened with Jamie and Jordie.

They shared him, at the same time and separately, and it never seemed to bother them.

Eventually he stopped waiting for the worst to happen and just enjoyed it; on his knees after a bad loss to Boston in a hotel room, his head resting on Jamie's thigh while Jamie ran a comforting hand through his hair and Jordie rubbed his back; stretched out on Jamie's king-sized bed while the two of them took their time winding him up. Jordie making him wait until Tyler was hoarse from shouting; Jamie teasing him while Tyler begged for him.

Tyler loved it -all of their attention and affection focused on him, it grounded him like nothing else had ever managed to.


Getting traded to Dallas had been the last thing Tyler had ever thought he would be grateful for, but laying in between his Doms, Tyler could admit that it had been the best thing to happen to him.

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