Jun. 14th, 2014

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So. The Kings won the Stanley Cup. I guess if the Hawks couldn't win this year, I'm glad the Kings could (in spite of Drew Doughty, who I still loathe, tbh) and I'm even happier the Cup stayed in the Western Conference and that the Rangers didn't win it. Suck it, Rangers, that's karma biting you on the ass for injuring Carey fucken Price and for being douchebags in general. Also, Staal, you suck ass and you are the least cool of the Staals.

Enjoy the Cup, Kings -we'll be back for it next year.

Anyways, I'm trying to write this really involved Blackhawks fic and it's being a pain in the ass, so I thought I'd do this prompt list I saw on tumblr:

Comment with a pairing and a number from the list and I'll drabble you some smut. Because I'm suffering from withdrawal already, lets just leave this open for Hockey RPF, eh?

1. grinding up against each other
2. phone sex or sexting
3. pinning the other against the wall
4. winding the other up in public
5. restraining the other
6. walking in on the other jerking off
7. coming untouched and/or early
8. convincing the other to try something they’re not interested in and then making them like it
9. extensive, prolonged make-outs
10. having to be very quiet for fear of being overheard
11. surprise discovery of an overly-sensitive body part
12. angry sex
13. sleepy sex
14. being ridden
15. trying to distract the other with sex while they’re “busy”
16. orgasm denial/edging
17. one person clothed and the other naked
18. coming from ass play only
19. biting and/or marking
20. accidental voyeurism by an outside POV
21. being shy about sex
22. talking about (but not having) sex
23. getting fucked over a desk or table
24. drunk sex
25. mutual masturbation

List of hockey pairings in case you weren't aware (it's actually grown over the past few months; what even have you done to me, hockey fandom?): Jonny/Pat, Duncs/Seabs, Sharpy/Abby, Mutt/Bolly, Sid/Geno, Paulie/Lazy, Danny/Claude, Jamie/Segs, Jamie/Segs/Jordie, Jeff Carter/Mike Richards, Carey Price/PK Subban, Phil Kessel/Tyler Bozak, Alexander Ovechkin/...ok, I don't really have anyone to pair Sasha with, I just really like him.

I think that's it. If I forgot anyone that you know I like, feel free to add them when you comment.
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Let's try to cheer up, peeps, eh? Today's Hockey or Porn? features Patrick Sharp:



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